Perché il pene non si solleva. Scarsa ed insufficiente rigidità del pene

perché il pene non si solleva

It was a bit of a risk to consult him, as we had no references. But Somesh made our expectations come more than true. He made notes on a white board so things became clear and visual.

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We learned some good communication skills that helped us create a more peacefull and loveable sphere in our home with our young children. So also the next generation has profit of Somesh k… Read more Melle and Giuseppe - The Netherlands and Italy - Testimonial couple therapy I resorted to the professional help of Perché il pene non si solleva Somesh in a period of crisis in my expat life.

I needed someone who knew the problems of an Italian abroad and at the same time who could perché il pene non si solleva me to see the situation with more detachment: I was in a spiral of discouragement and distrust. The sessions gave me the boost to recover and be able to start again, without having the impression gallo scricchiolato durante lerezione having to deal with an old-fashioned psychologist who would have intimidated me.

During our sessions, i was able to see things with a different prospective and reconnect with my true values and objectives as a person. The guidance and assistance of Somesh was crucial in this moment of my life and i will be forever grateful for that. Carolina - Italy - Testimonial therapy for stress and sense of inadequacy I really appreciated the kindness and honesty of Somesh, he helped me to understand in a concise way how my mental patterns were working and the nature of emotional wounds which for a long time made me feel generally unsatisfied and blocked in many situations.

I am more aware of my inner dynamics and feel strong enough to find my way, now. The focus on the body and other exercises where also very good to start having healthier thoughts and to be more genuinely in touch with my emotions. Maria - Italy - Testimonial emotional instability therapy I got in touch with Somesh Valentino when I was dealing with a difficult work situation.

The appointments revealed the root of the problem and thanks to his help I was able to get out of that situation. Valentino provided me with the tools to go on.

What I appreciated the most is the sense of freedom perché il pene non si solleva he gave me during every conversation and the absence of any judgment.

I am really happy that I came across him. Thank you so much! Marisa - Italy - Testimonial working situation therapy After the breakup of a long relationship which became toxic, I felt the need of a psychological and emotional support to get out of an emotional short circuit made of guilt, regrets and broken dreams.

When I contacted Somesh, I was in the midst of an existential crisis and he, through active perché il pene non si solleva, helped me to regain confidence in myself in the first place, proposing new perspectives through which look at myself and reality.

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The change is always personal and must come from inside but, with his maieutical skills, he has definitely been a great help for me in getting back the emotional bala… Read more Perché il pene non si solleva - Italy - Testimonial relationship and expat therapy Somesh Valentino gave me really good and long-term useful solutions and tools to deal with issues I had both on the surface and in the depth of my mind and my heart.

I would strongly recommend him.

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With him I never felt judged, alienated, or questioned, and it was clear that his care to analyse and help me solve things was genuine. My journey towards feeling and being better has not come to an end but what I took from him is still part of my curing process and I see the positive effects of our sessions in my daily life. Zehra - Turkey - Testimonial emotional instability therapy I contacted Somesh Valentino because I have always rejected my past as a bulimic teenager who is not gratified by her parents.

This refusal reappeared violently in a difficult moment of my life: My emotional control and the relationship with food had become almost unmanageable. My insecurity was such that it had led me to no longer have any esteem or consideration of myself.

I felt at the mercy of everything.

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Thanks to his invaluable help and support, the approach to my problematic past has completely changed and, consequently, my emotional management. Now I live with another perspective, tryi… Read more Giorgia - Il pene di mio fratello - Testimonial eating disorder therapy The journey with Somesh Valentino Curti has helped me to improve my way of relating to a lot of situations.

Especially in the relationship with my partner streptoderma sul pene, like Somesh told me, ended not literally but only metaphorically.

Basically I have a new relationship with my own companion! More balanced and more beautiful! The idea of being able to end and start a relationship with the same person gave me a lot of confidence and desire to persevere in many other circumstances.

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In general, Somesh is a person with a tremendous sensitivity who knows how to listen and guide you and who knows how to push… Read more Giada - Italy - Testimonial relationship therapy I am feeling much better about everything and you helped me realise many things so thank you! I am dealing much better with all my emotions and feel I am very much my old self again. I am not suffering perché il pene non si solleva from depression and Perché il pene non si solleva feel free to express myself with my partner without holding back.

I will be in touch in the future if I feel I need additional help. George - UK - Testimonial emotional instability therapy I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible work.

Through our therapy sessions you reached deep in me and I treasure this. With all my gratitude and best wishes, Agape Agape - Greece - Testimonial emotional instability I decided to contact Somesh during a period of particular stress and I can now say that was a great decision.

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Over the course of few sessions he helped me to have a better understanding of myself and to see differently aspects of my life that I did not want to fully accept. His help has been really invaluable and I would recommend him to anyone who is in a similar situation. I am very happy to write these words comparing how I was feeling when I met you!


Thank you! Marjeta - Slovenia - Testimonial emotional support I believe it is not an easy task to live alone in a foreign country and try to struggle with all the emotional disadvantages that it brings. Somesh Valentino Curti played a crucial role in a positive way to help me cope with those and guided through how to find a solution.

Good individual, great mentor.

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I vividly remember leaving after my first session feeling lighter, even just talking for an hour had convinced me that I wanted to pursue the 8 course path. There was a calmne… Read more Noah - Danmark - Testimonial expat therapy Working with Somesh Valentino Curti over the last year has given me the ability to understand, feel and deal with my emotions. This really is so valuable and I feel puts me in a good position to be able to enjoy life!

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Many thanks! I feel that this is one of the best choices I made because it has been an investment in myself.

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I have now a new perspective on the events impacting my life because I feel somehow like a new person. I am really the same person as before, I just know myself better and feel more self-confident. I want to thank both you and Tessa Nagtegaal for this past year and a half, which has been a great opportunity for me to grow and solve many of mine emotional and relational problems. To me, you played a special role that I will hardly forget. I am also making decisions that bring me out of my old way of controlling life and I continue my journey.


Thank you also for the Emotional Release Sessions, they helped me a lot and I will continue to do them! I did not want to really feel my emotions.

I thought several times to write you an email but I always postponed because it seemed useless.

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But now, after some time, I have to thank you because I started to really understand what it means to be open and feel. You told me to be with my emotions and I did not want to accept it, in fact,… Read more Luisa - Italy - Testimonial anxiety and fear therapy When I met Somesh Valentino Curti, I was in a moment of great emotional shock. This meeting was vital for me because for the first time I lost totally the emotional compass of my life. I felt already after few sessions to have new tools at my disposal in order to start my inner journey.

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